About crinit and cominit

crint is a resource efficient startup daemon that starts all processes, services and tools needed to configure and operate an embedded Linux system. It brings security features that allow secured and fast boot designs without relaying on file system restrictions.

cominit is used in the initial ramdisk to prepare execution of crinit or other boot daemons after mounting the final rootfs. cominit addresses security features necessary to implement trusted boot designs.com

crinit-cominit boot-process / Image: H.D. Wöhrle

cominit and crinit – boot Linux fast and secure

crinit is a lightweight and feature-rich startup daemon ready to be used in embedded systems and other function-focused Linux systems. The learning curve to integrate Linux systems with crinit is not steep due to its focused feature set and completeness of documentation.

The software cominit is intended to be used in an initial ramdisk-based system to do basic setup steps of a Linux system during bootup. It finishes these boot-time-critical operations in a secure way without wasting time in hot-plug detection and unneeded device reading and seeking.

crinit and cominit are Free and Opensource Software (FOSS) and licensed under MIT License, they are available at GitHub: